Way Out West

Whenever people ask me where in Ireland I’m living, I’m at a loss for a satisfactory answer.

See, I find myself in the somewhat uncommon situation of living in 3 towns at once. So I’m not sure whether to tell you where most of my clothes are, where we have an apartment, or where I am right now.

A year ago C had just finished applying to Grad Schools and you could find me tapping my fingers at my desk, struggling to get started on my own MA Thesis and muttering the phrase:

“Please not Dublin, please not Dublin.”

Now, please don’t think I have anything against the city. In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of spending a fair amount of time there during our many trips out before moving here, and I enjoy it each time, but if you follow the Irish rental market, you’ll know why we were hoping that C would be accepted to do his Masters as far away from Dublin as possible.MapAchillSligoGalway

In the end, we got Galway, C’s first choice for his Masters due to the practicality of being near home. But his teaching placement is in Sligo, two hours to the north, and his folks’ hotel where we’re staying weekends is on spectacular Achill Island, way out west.

It’s worked out better than we could have hoped for.

A happy web of friend and family connections has meant that we have a roof over our heads in each of the towns we live in, and since I’m funemployed until my application for a work permit is processed I get to tag along up and down the Wild Atlantic Way.


Not a bad start.

I’m enjoying the time to read and write, and my camera is finally getting some use after me being too afraid to get it stolen while we were living in Barcelona and Vietnam.

By the way, if you’ve vacationed in Ireland and seen only Dublin, you’ve missed out on some spectacular experiences out west. Time for another trip!

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